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Thank you for remembering Danny

The family is truly touched by your kind emails, blogs and notes that have been received from around the world remembering Danny and supporting us at this time. We are excited about the upcoming DVD, yet ever mindful of the magnitude of our loss and to that of his fans everywhere. We thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Please keep in touch.

-Julie, Amy, Andrew & Emily Gans

Online. No Prescrition Needed

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    George and Linda D. says:

    We only went to Las Vegas to see Danny Ganz. twice.(2nd. time we brought 6 friends.)We loved this great talented man. We had seen him on a TV dateline or something yrs. ago and wanted to go see him in person. He spoke of being a Christian and that was impressive to us. We were Burbank. Ca. people and knew he was from the Valley etc.. Wish we had been able to chat with him. So sorry when we heard of his unexpected passing, but we know he’s with the Lord we love. I was wondering if you still have his Christian CD available. We have one of them but we heard there is another one. Also would like the new DVD. We pray for your family that God is bringing you comfort to sustain you. God bless you,

    Jillian Coppola says:

    We had the honor of being able to see Danny perform in August 2008 at the Mirage. My husband took to Vegas to propose to me and followed the proposal up with a Danny Gans show (as highly reccomended to my husband by my father who had seen Danny’s show more than a few times in Vegas) to complete such a magical night. The way he captured the voices of people like Sinatra and Michael Jackson, voices that no matter how hard the average person can try, will never be able to be duplicated. I found myself closing my eyes during Dannys show only to feel like I was back in old world Vegas listening to Sinatra himself perform. Hysterical, amazing, I am blessed to say that I had the chance to see such a talent perform. God Bless.

    Louise barron says:

    As I watch the performances of Danny on his site, I find myself at a loss. Its hard, even for the fans, never mind family to watch and know this great and immense entertainer isn’t in Las Vegas. I can’t see him again. Its so wrong. I am still waiting to have the opportunity to purchase Danny Gans DVD’s. That is the best we’ll have. I am going to Las Vegas at the end of Sept. and quite frankly I don’t care whom or what we see there. I miss this remarkable person

    Justin Flom says:

    I wanted to thank you for the incredible Godly example Danny set. He changed my life twice. First Danny completely changed the way I look at performing on stage. I saw the show eight times within two years and have every ticket framed.
    Second, Danny showed me how one can glorify God by not settling and not compromising values. He was a witness in the real world and a warrior for Christ.
    The biography was an inspiration and God is continuing to work through Danny’s life and his witness.
    Thank you.

    Ed & Jan Lapinskas says:

    For Julie and the Kids:
    They say that time heals all wounds and somrtimes you may think that the healing will never happen. You just have to keep busy and associate with alot of different people. It does work to a greater degree if you let it happen.

    I don’t have to tell you that Danny was a great man and there never will one better. God bless you and may He hold you in the palm of His hand. We feel your pain. We have been there. Take care.

    pattie says:

    cannot wait for the video, i will treasure it always along with the memory i have for danny – have seen him each year in vegas for over 10 years. a truly missed icon on the vegas strip

    Terrie Levie says:

    We had the priviledge of seeing Danny perform at the Encore in February of 2009. It was the highlight of our trip to Las Vegas. It was so evident that he was a man of God and loved his family dearly. I think the part of his show that I so appreciated was when he thanked the audience for choosing his show to see in Las Vegas. My husband and I so looked forward to seeing Danny again in the near future then came the devastating news of his death on May 1st. Our hearts go out to the entire Gans family. His love for you was evident and what a loss to all of us on earth. May you continue to feel the comfort of our Lord in missing your dear husband, father, brother and friend. Thanks Danny for the wonderful memories. What a treat to be entertained by you. R.I.P.